6 Reasons To Move Your Business To The Cloud
Cloud, IT Consulting, Retail Posted 6 days ago

6 Powerful Reasons To Move Your Business To The Cloud In 2023

These days, most business data is already in the Cloud. And to be more exact, according to Statista around 60% of all corporate data is stored i ..

Web Hosting 101 - A Complete Guide For Beginners
WordPress Posted 2 weeks ago

Web Hosting 101: A Complete Guide For Beginners

If you’re looking to create your first website, blog, or online store, one of the first steps you will need to take is to find a web hosti ..

Understanding Could Service Models
Cloud, IT Consulting Posted 3 weeks ago

Cloud 101: Understanding Could Service Models – IaaS, PaaS, And SaaS

We’ve been talking a lot about cloud computing and how businesses and individuals rely more and more on online platforms and applications. Aro ..

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Why Is Security Awareness Training Important For Your Team

Why Is Security Awareness Training Important For Your Team?

Research suggests that human error is involved in around 90% of security breaches. Yes, as astonishing as that may seem, the research done by Stanford University found that approximately 90% of all data breaches are caused by an employee’s mistake. This means that many cyber security problems could have been prevented if that team had taken proper security awareness training.  …

Military Grade Security Cloud

Military-Grade Security – How Advanced Encryption Can Protect Your Data

If you haven’t worked in the cyber security field, you probably don’t know much about advanced encryption or military-grade security. This is a service or a feature that most cyber security or cloud service providers offer as it’s the most advanced way to protect sensitive information stored on the cloud.  So, let’s see what military-grade encryption cloud really means, and …